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Meet Guso. The simple, intuitive and powerful software that allows users to google search swiftly. Take your productivity and efficiency to the next level 🙌

Google at your fingertips 👆

What is Guso?

Most of us spends hours on googling, wasting time typing in and opening new web pages. Guso is a simple and user-friendly application that allows users to google search more efficiently. Almost all computer users use Google in their daily life. Let's save time and become better Googlers ❤️.

🔎 Search

Guso is a menu icon that live in your status bar and can be accessable at any time. Google Search with one touch.

📖 Suggestions

Guso offers “Google Suggestions” & Auto Correction to help provide a smoother and more efficient search.

Start Using for Free

✂️ Shortcut

Google 2x Faster using global shortcut making your day-to-day web search easier. Open the Guso Search Window anywhere on the screen by using Command + G.

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